We recently invested in a CEREC machine.  CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) is what every dentist wishes they had in their office.

Have you ever had a crown made? See my post What Are These Crown Things to learn what a crown is.  Crowns can be technically difficult because it involves more than one person.  The dentist needs to do all the dental stuff like get you numb, remove all the old fillings/pins etc from the tooth, bond some new stuff in the tooth to build a core, shape the tooth with just the right amount of space, push the gums out of the way, try and capture what he has done in an impression, describe what he wants without actually talking to anyone and expect his technician to make a crown that perfectly fits the prepared tooth and fit in with the teeth above and next door to it.  

Along the way there are a few places this information can get lost or confused.  What if the impression distorts or has a bubble?  What if the stone that goes into the impression distorts or has a bubble?  Assuming all of this goes well, it takes about 2 weeks to make your new tooth.  So you need a temporary crown that is strong enough to last 2 weeks but weak enough to get off easily again.  You also need 2 lots of injections and 2 times off work or away from your busy schedule.

Don’t get me wrong, crowns are fantastic when they are done well and are very successful for a long time.  But wouldn’t it be better if it could be done in one go by one person?

CEREC puts your dentist in control of the whole process.  And it happens in a single visit.  And you don’t need a messy impression.  And you don’t need to be numb twice.  And it doesn’t cost any more than a traditional crown.

CEREC works like this:

Step 1:  Prepare the tooth

The old filling is safely removed and the tooth is shaped to receive a new ceramic top using local anaesthetic to make sure you are comfortable.

Step 2:  Scan

Instead of a messy impression that makes you gag we scan your teeth with our Omnicam (about the size of an electric toothbrush) to create a very accurate 3D model of your teeth.

Step 3:  Design

One of our lovely staff will offer you a cuppa while we design your new ceramic tooth on the software to fit precisely onto the prepared tooth and into your bite.

Step 4:  Mill

Your new ceramic tooth is made out of your mouth in about 10 minutes to the specific design we created.

Step 5:  Furnace

Some ceramics are put into a furnace for extra strength.  We can also add different colours / stains at this point to match your neighbouring teeth.

Step 6: Delivery

Your completed crown / bridge / filling / implant crown / veneer is now ready to be cemented in your mouth.


Depending on the material we use this takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Some materials take longer to mill and furnace than others.  The only difference to you is that you might need 2 cups of coffee while you wait in the comfy lounge.

Sounds pretty cool right?  Dentistry has never been this good.  Patients are blown away every single time I show them a full colour 3D model of their teeth on the computer and start designing their new tooth or teeth.

World class technology right here in Hastings. Boom.  Book an appointment with Nick or Dave to get the very best care and technology for your mouth.