This week we completed a smile makeover with a full digital workflow. What does that mean Nick?!

A bloke in his 70’s came in with a bunch of broken and worn down front teeth.  They had been filled many times and he was sick of them breaking.  He had recently sold his business, retired and was looking for a more permanent fix and perhaps a better smile.

We took some digital photos of his teeth and face and some 3D scans of his teeth on our CEREC Omnicam.  With these we are able to digitally design a new smile in partnership with our laboratory.  We 3D print the new smile onto a resin model which we make a little putty stent on.  I apply some temporary material into the stent and push it on to the existing teeth so our man can get an idea of the look, shape and feel of his new teeth.  He loved them.

Using that 3D printed model, our clever CEREC machine can reproduce the teeth exactly to fit over our man’s teeth once I have prepared them.

Over the course of one day, we prepare the teeth, make the new ceramic teeth to the perfect shape that we have already trialed, and glue them on.
Same day smile makeover with porcelain crowns / veneers. Boom.

The results speak for themselves.