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Full mouth exam
New Patient / Full Mouth Exam

We recommend this thorough check for all new patients at Bay Dental Care. You can expect some looking, some xrays, some high quality clinical photos and a treatment plan if you need one or want one. If there is very little to talk about then we can do some cleaning at this appointment.


We recommend this check if you are concerned about one particular thing.

Check up for patients
Check up / recall for regular patients

With your permission we will put you in our regular recall system to maintain your healthy mouth.

Secondary school students
Secondary School Students

If you are under 18, your dental check ups and treatments are free! Please make the most of this Ministry of Health funded service. This however does not cover orthodontic treatment.

ACC dentistry in Hastings


Bay Dental Care is a registered ACC provider and can assist you with your claim.

Check up for patients

We can provide you with quotes for Work & Income New Zealand. If you are a beneficiary you may be entitled to financial assistance from WINZ.

General Dentistry

White fillings
White Fillings

These stop holes in teeth from growing and getting into the nerve of the tooth. We use strong and proven materials to give you beautiful, aesthetic and durable fillings.

Safe amalgam removal
Safe Amalgam Removal

Dental amalgam contains mercury. We utilise good dam techniques to make sure the amalgam goes up the sucker and not down your throat.

Hygiene treatments
Hygiene Treatments

This stops you getting gum disease, bad breath and stained teeth.  We can show you how best to look after your teeth and gums at home and equip you with any tools you might need to help.  Healthy gums are often required before carrying out other treatments.

Tooth whitening in Hastings
Tooth Whitening

We can change the colour of your teeth by bleaching them. These products are safe to use and will not damage your teeth. I have tried them in my own mouth so I can tell you exactly what to expect. If you want to change the colour and shape or alignment of your teeth, then we will have a chat about veneers.

Root canal treatment
Root Canal Treatment

When bacteria eat a hole in your tooth and kill the nerve, it hurts. If you want to save the tooth, we can take out the sick nerve and disinfect it. We use the best materials and equipment on the market allowing us to achieve successful and predictable outcomes. The procedure is painless.


If you have a hole in your tooth and do not want to save it, we can take it out. With good X-rays, surgical equipment and sedation options, we can manage your extraction gently and safely.


These replace the crown of your own tooth (the bit in your mouth you chew with) if it is very broken down or most of it is filling instead of tooth. They look amazing and they are very strong.


Are a cosmetic treatment to reface the smiling surface of your teeth. Veneers can straighten, change the shape and colour, close gaps or just improve the appearance of your teeth.


Are essentially a number of crowns joined together to replace a missing tooth. This is a nice way to fill a gap with something that is fixed in and permanent and looks amazing.


A denture is something removable that can be used to replace all of your teeth or just one of your teeth. We provide a full range of denture options including full, partial and implant retained.

Anxiolysis / sedation
Anxiolysis / Sedation

Does anything above make you really nervous? We can give you some medication to help you relax and let us get on with doing a really good job on your teeth.



If you are missing one tooth, several teeth or you have full dentures that don’t work very well, implants are the gold standard of care. We can manage these in house and have a good relationship with local specialists if we need them.


We work closely with HB Orthodontics for the treatment of children and adults to help achieve beautiful smiles.

Smile makeover
Smile Makeover

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. We have all the right training, techniques and tools to achieve the smile you want. You tell us what you want and we will find a way to get you there.

Wisdom teeth
Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t behave themselves and grow at funny angles or get stuck on the way through. With good imaging, the right gear, and experience we can remove a range of wisdom teeth.

Full mouth rebuild
Full Mouth Rebuild

Wish you could get everything back to square one? We can combine a lot of the above with some careful planning to give you your mouth back.

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