Happy Smiles. Not everyone has one. But everyone probably wants one. Tom Cruise did.

It’s summer, it’s wedding season, it’s a new year.

Do you shy away form photos? Do you simply hate smiling? Do you hate the colour of your teeth? Do you hate the shape of your teeth? Do you hate the alignment of your teeth? We live in a digital age full of photos, selfies and social media and escaping them can be hard. A smile is so important to a persons appearance, confidence and countenance. Wanting to improve your own is not being vain.

My wife and I are currently whitening our own teeth. We like all the things that are good at discolouring teeth like black coffee and red wine. First we had our teeth professionally cleaned and then some special custom trays were made to fit our mouths.  Overnight we wear the trays with the bleach inside (carbermide peroxide 16%). This does not damage your enamel or anything else when used correctly.  I experienced some minor sensitivity for a few hours after the trays come off and then they were fine again.  We can see a notable improvement after only two nights. Our basic whitening kit for top and bottom teeth with 5 syringes of bleach is $450. Come and see us about whitening your teeth.

If you do not like the colour and shape or alignment of your teeth then we can talk about veneers or straightening your teeth. Or a combination of the above.  Bottom line is, we can get you results.